Best Practice

The month of October is dedicated to construction and BYF would love everyone to support the cause! The following hands-on activities are ways for industry, education and parents to participate in spreading awareness. Let’s work together to close the skills gap and promote careers in construction!

Community Connection

The construction industry has the incredible opportunity to provide a positive change in a community. Learn about how Robins & Morton and CARBO have partnered with local Millen, Georgia community leaders to educate and help those in need. Read this document to get an understanding of how you can start your very own local movement!

Career Day

Did you know that after a student attends a construction career day they are 80% more likely to be interested in a career in construction? Learn how to grab the next generation of craft professionals attention with our “how to” document and host your own construction career day.


BYF can support your recruitment needs with our informational pieces, trinkets, videos, fliers and famous craft professional trading cards! Keep in mind that we also offer the option to customize our pieces and tailor these to your organization’s goals. Contact Ashleigh Potuznik at for more information.

Indiana is a prime example of the success that a partnership could have. Click here to read about what this state has accomplished with it’s Build Your Future Indiana campaign and visit their website to learn more.

Customized Presentations

BYF will be offering a series of webinars to address any questions that an organization may have about our best practices. Fill out this form and a BYF representative will contact you to plan a presentation that will best fit your schedule and needs.