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Rethink Careers in Construction: Hire Military

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Hard Hat Heroes: Hire Military

Hard Hat Heroes is offering FREE online Core Curriculum to qualified veterans. Pearson has partnered with NCCER to provide $1 million worth of complimentary online Core Curriculum to service members and veterans. Email us if you’d like more information on this program.

As of 2013, roughly 844,000 US veterans were unemployed and looking for work, including 252,000 post-9/11 veterans. Each year the military separates between 240,000 and 360,000 service members. Many of these men and women have received extensive training while in the military or acquired valuable non-technical skills as a result of their service.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the construction industry will need to hire 240,000 new workers each year for the next five years. Leveraging the skills of America’s military will contribute to the building of a stronger construction workforce and provide meaningful civilian employment to the men and women who help to keep our country safe.

Employers can download BYF’s Employer Crosswalk on our Resources page to help recruit prospective candidates for open positions on their projects.

Did You Know?

As of December 2014, GI Bill® funding can be utilized for many of NCCER’s assessments. To find out which assessments are now available for reimbursement through the GI Bill, please click the link below:

List of NCCER Assessments recognized by the VA

Have questions on how to receive reimbursement? Review these guidelines and helpful tips:

VA Reimbursement Guidelines

G.I. Bill Factsheet

Qualities of Military Members

For business leaders looking to make a thoughtful, long-term investment in an employee, the following qualities are just some of the characteristics that make military members a strong employment candidate.

Team-Oriented: Military members understand how loyalty can contribute to team dynamics and foster trust in the work environment. They are motivated by a sense of a responsibility to their colleagues and the overarching organizational objective.

Strong Work Ethic: Members of the military have developed the time-management skills and drive necessary to know how to accomplish tasks correctly and on time, in spite of limited resources and incredible pressure.

Diversity: Military members learned to work closely with individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, cultural background, economic status as well as mental and physical capabilities. Many have an understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances, having learned other languages, or having been stationed in foreign countries.

Leadership Ability: The military trains its members to lead in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. They are trained in the theory of leadership and understand how to lead practically in the context of real life situations.

Personal Integrity: Military involvement requires individuals to abide by a strong code of ethics daily, and military members are often trusted with security clearances that grant them access to highly sensitive information. Having a proven track record of trustworthiness makes a military service member an asset to any organization.

How to Have a Successful Military Recruitment Event

Interact and Engage: Send enough representatives to effectively man the booth or exhibit and to be able to take shifts. These men and women appreciate your undivided attention during their transition.

Strategic Set-Up: Have an area separate from the front table to speak more directly to candidates under consideration for open positions within your company. This allows for traffic to continue to your booth, while allowing for focused attention to promising expo attendees.

Give Them Your Best: Send strong company representatives to interact with potential recruits

  • Those who are willing to get out in front and engage attendees
  • Those who are very familiar with the positions open within the company
  • Send recruiters who understand military or have military background. This adds credibility and puts seekers at ease. A lot of them have not had to search for work in a long time so having someone who can speak their language helps.

Bring Visuals and Support: Anything employers can bring that would help describe the job openings in very clear language

  • Pictures of geographical area or impressive projects completed
  • Explanation of what each position is expected to do including, tasks, knowledge and experience required.
  • Information about contractors/organization (i.e. Annual Report).

THANK job seekers for their service!

Follow Up: Bring plenty of business cards/ handouts for seekers to follow up and visit your website or career center to continue to look for opportunities.

Be Vocal: Communicate your support for veterans via media outlets before and after events or in addition to your initiatives (use #hashtags, #hiremilitary, #hireVets, photos and social media.)

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