Women in Construction

Who Runs the World?

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Did You Know?

In 2015, Construction Labor Market Analyzer has projected that 1.5 million additional craft professionals will be needed by 2019 based on scheduled projects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 9,813,000 people working in the construction industry and of these,872,000 or 8.9%, were women.

Women in the construction industry earning on average 93.4 % what men make as women in the U.S. earn on average 82.1% what men make. Statistics show how lucrative the construction industry can be for women!

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in the Construction Industry?

The construction industry offers high wages, competitive benefits and requires technical expertise. Learn about the Construction Career Paths and the Craft Professions within the field.

Find Opportunities to Train near You!

By using the BYF Training Center Map you will be able to locate high schools, colleges and industry employers to provide guidance and craft training. Getting trained and certified is the first step of climbing that ladder to success!


Featured Woman in the Industry

Let these women inform you on how to take that first step in joining the construction industry. Within this Q&A series you will find stories, advice and guidance on how to climb this ladder to many career opportunities!

Meet Holley Thomas

Q: Tell me about how you got started in the construction industry and who or what inspired you to enter the industry?

A: I started out going to school for robotics. There was a welding class that I had to take, and I put it off until the end. I found out that I really liked welding, so I stayed a year and received my welding certificate (degree). I went to two welding schools, and one of those schools was sponsored by BE&K. That’s when I met Dr. Mittie Cannon. She recruited me to BE&K, and I started as an ironworker helper. I did that for about 6-8 months. Then I became a structural welder for ironworkers.

Q: Tell me about your current job position and what you enjoy most about it.

A: I’m a certified welding inspector (Quality Control). I get to work with welders every day, and I can offer guidance and lend a helping hand to welders starting out. I also enjoy meeting those who have been doing it a lot longer than me because I can learn something from them.

Q: What has been your biggest career accomplishment?

A: I won gold at the 2010 ABC craft championships for structural welding. I was the first female to win the award. Winning the award helped get me recognized in this industry.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals starting careers in the construction industry?

A: Find something that you enjoy doing and push yourself to learn something about that skill every day. Be patient and be humble enough to help others and teach them what you know.